Vet supplements for dogs and cats based on patented liposomal nanotechnology


Majority of phytonutrients are not able to achieve the desired concentration in the blood to provide a therapeutic effect due to their low bioavailability or stability. This often happens in human and vet practices with dogs and cats.

To avoid the metabolism of nutrients in the liver the use a fundamentally new system for the delivery of nutrients to the general bloodstream is required. This system is a nano liposome delivery system.

The word “liposome” derives from two words in Greek language. Word “lipo” means “fat”, and the word “soma” means “body”.

A liposome is a tiny nano sphere consisting of an aqueous core entrapped within one or more natural phospholipids, which are forming closed bi-layered nano structures. It is happening because phospholipids are amphiphilic, they consist of a hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tail.

When phospholipids get in an aqueous solution, the hydrophobic tails face each other avoiding the water and forming a nano phospholipid bilayer. This bi-layer must form closed liposome sphere in order to exclude water contacting hydrophobic tails.

Liposomes were first described by British scientists in 1961 while testing new electron microscope. The results of discovery was published in 1964. That discovery launched new liposomal era in pharmaceutical industry.


Delivery system based on liposomal nanotechnology has many advantages over regular oral ingestion:

– The phospholipid membranes of nano liposomes are impermeable to various digestive enzymes, acids and bile salts.
– Liposomes are absorbed by villi enterocytes in the small intestine and are included in the chylomicrons inside the enterocytes, and then transported to the subclavian vein through the lymphatic system, bypassing the portal blood circulation through the liver.
– Liposomes have low toxicity and lack of immune system activation.
– Both, water soluble and fat soluble ingredients, can be incorporated in nano liposomal delivery system.
– Liposomes are capable to provide targeted delivery of vital bioactive compounds to the cells with highest ratio, sometimes comparable to intravenous injection.


Vet Division of Supreme Pharmatech Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in usage of nano processed liposome ingredients in veterinarian supplements for dogs and cats. Veterinary Division of Supreme Pharmatech Co., Ltd. is using patented green nanotechnology and had developed numerous nano liposomes for vet practices and vet supplements, which can greatly benefit the health of dogs and cats.

Liposomes already demonstrated a great potential for delivery of anticancer and analgesic drugs in animals. Liposomes are widely used as platforms for vaccines for delivering adjuvants for enhancement of immunogenicity of modern vaccines. Many studies confirmed that orally administered liposome-encapsulated active compounds have longer lasting plasma concentration and much higher efficacy compared to other formulations.

We all love our pets. Pets are not only our life companions but also close friends and inseparable part of our families. When our beloved pets are sick we should look for the best cure for them. Nano ingredients may be the best solution for dogs and cats.