Probivet - vet probiotics supplements for dogs and cats


Just like in humans, the majority of cat’s and dog’s immunity resides in their digestive tract. It is important to maintain balanced amount of good bacteria, because this is one of the key factors to keep pet healthy. One of the ways to maintain such balance is to supplement with probiotics for dogs and cats. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help to regulate not only digestive tract, but overall health of dogs and cats. Nowadays the usage of probiotics in vet practices is sharply growing. More and more vet doctors applying probiotics to their vet routine and prescribing them for dogs and cats.

Probiotics are live microorganisms and require high quality processing standard. Vet Division of Supreme Pharmatech is maintaining the highest standards in processing of probiotics supplements of best quality and long shelf life. Only strains with clinically confirmed efficacy are used.

Probiotics of Probivet-G type can effectively combat gastrointestinal tract infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), infections of respiratory and genital systems, food allergies and diarrhea.

Probiotics of Probivet-M type can effectively combat metabolic diseases, control level of blood glucose and lipids, diabetes and obesity, fatty liver disease and gout.

Both, Probivet-G and Probivet-M, are synbiotics type of supplements, because they contain not only friendly bacteria but also prebiotics. Reports shows that synbiotics are working more efficiently than probiotics only.

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hepatic, renal

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