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Chemical FormulaC15H10O8
Molecular weight318.237 g/mol
Names and Identifiers
PubChem Link
Traditional NameMyricetin
CAS Registry Number529-44-2


Myricetin is a member of the flavonoid class of polyphenolic compounds, with antioxidant properties. It is commonly derived from vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, tea, and is also found in red wine. Myricetin is structurally similar to fisetin, luteolin, and quercetin and is reported to have many of the same functions as these other members of the flavonol class of flavonoids. Reported average intake of myricetin per day varies depending on diet, but has been shown in the Netherlands to average 23 mg/day.

Myricetin is produced from the parent compound taxifolin through the (+)-dihydromyricetin intermediate and can be further processed to form laricitrin and then syringetin, both members of the flavonol class of flavonoids. Dihydromyricetin is frequently sold as a supplement and has controversial function as a partial GABAA receptor potentiator and treatment in Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Myricetin can alternatively be produced directly from kaempferol, which is another flavonol.


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