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Chemical FormulaC15H10O6
Molecular weight286.239 g/mol
Names and Identifiers
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Traditional NameKaempferol, Kempferol
CAS Registry Number520-18-3


Kaempferol (3,4′,5,7-tetrahydroxyflavone) is a natural flavonol, a type of flavonoid, found in a variety of plants and plant-derived foods. Kaempferol is a yellow crystalline solid with a melting point of 276–278 °C (529–532 °F). It is slightly soluble in water and highly soluble in hot ethanol, ethers, and DMSO. Kaempferol acts as an antioxidant by reducing oxidative stress. Many studies suggest that consuming kaempferol may reduce the risk of various cancers, and it is currently under consideration as a possible cancer treatment[citation needed]. It is named for 17th-century German naturalist Engelbert Kaempfer.


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